THIS IS FINE Enamel Body Pins

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So, we’ve decided to depict a very famous & ironic meme as a pin. The pin is a perfect fit to any occasion and lucidly expresses owner's state of mind. A fun expressive way to show your personality and if asked you can mention you're a pet parent too.

As always, we've followed through with our quality standards: our signature minimalistic style in details, nothing pompous and wide range of rich colours on high-quality enamel. Body pins are acknowledged for their charismatic  lool and this meme falls perfect under this category.

As always, the pin comes with awesome letterpress art on high density back cover. A nice strong finish make such a fun item so stylish.

Pin size: height 30mm, width 25,9mm, thickness 1,5mm.
Two rubber butterfly clutches.

This is our very first step in meme-verse. An exclusive look falls perfectly with any quirky style.  We’re always looking for new aspiring & extravagant ideas to express in our enamel pins and we are much likely to continue to bring our customers the most popular and beloved characters.