Premium Tactical Dog Collar & Leash

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This Premium Tactical Dog Collar & Leash is undeniably the most rugged and strength built representation of your love and loyalty to your pet. The Collar is meant to show a sense of style for your dog and also you while also being used for training and military use. A rugged,royal and sharp look brings out the fun and playfulness that is, having a dog and being a pet parent. Everyone loves compliments they recieve about their fury buddy, this collar is sure to highlight your strong pet. 


  • Safer Walks: Walking your dog with a leash and collar is a necessity, no one wants to think of the possibilty of their dog running away but with this collar your dog will be easy identifiable.
  • Made for Their Comfort: This is easily one of the most comfortable collars out there, with a firm yet calming feel to the touch. Most collars use a polyester material, but polyester is easily one of the most uncomfortable materials to use. This collar is 100% cotton and built for support, and made to keep your pet relieved for as long as possible. 
  • Easy to Use: Its as simple as one click, it takes about 20 seconds to put on and you're ready to go.
  • Sharp Look: Such a simple object turned so rugged with a tactical look, silver/gold alloy D ring