NomadDog Knitted Socks

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The NomadDog Knitted Dog Socks allow your pups paws to be warm during the coldest of nights. If you choose to snuggle up by the fire and their nails haven't been Filed or Cut, that's fine the NomadDog Knitted Socks prevent harm to you while keeping their paws comfortable. This allows the use of sleeping in the bed with you, walking on carpet etc. As a pet owner, you want your pet to be as comfortable as a possible . You can rest assured knowing they'll never slip off your little buddy while wearing them.


  • The NomadDog Knitted Socks are 100% Cotton and Machine washable 
  • Features Knitted Material for warmth and Comfortability keep paws dry when walking around your 
  • A soft knit offers a cozy and warm layer for their paws
  • Anti-Slip make this a useful for any home 
  • The NomadDog Knitted socks comes with 2 pairs, In an assortment of colors