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The LIVE LOVE RESCUE Necklace by Doggosworld™ is innovative and has self effacing styles that are recognized modestly yet often have the most profound expression and the perpetuity of this necklace stuns. Experience the best of elegance with our halved gold vermeil necklace and dog paw pendant and Icon with detail, as it seamlessly blends a fun pet parent pendant style with a modern design detail for an elegant yet simple look. Wear this exciting and sophisticated style alone and let all parts of you and your dogs personality shine or layer with other pieces in different lengths for an eye-catching look.Our Necklace offers a way to express your love and sincerity for your pet. This elegant necklace consists of two parts the chain itself and one pendant, joined together they form a breathtaking design.

Collection  DoggosWorld™ Never Be Apart 

Metal  Sterling Silver

Themes Dog Paw Symbol/ Quote & Phrase

Product Type  Necklaces

Item : 948302F21

Dimensions : Depth : 0.748031in

                        Height : 0.944882in

                        Length : 17.7165in