Knitted Winter Cardigan

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As a Pet parent you want to support your dog, as well as make them feel comfortable. This stunning outfit is a knitted dog sweater by Doggosworld™ and is sure to highlight anyones day. The sweater is eco-friendly and non harmful to all dogs and pets alike and they're specifically built to last. If you want to go for a walk in the dog park during autumn it'll make for amazing pictures while also keeping your dog warm, secure and cozy. So goes the same for the winter season, if you stay in the colder areas of the world it is almost a necessity that you get one of these , just the same as if you dont our sweater is made for mild to harsh winters. Through those harsh winters your pet will be safe and comfortable because this sweater is made out of knitting material. Designed in a classy and brilliant style our sweater comes in several colors a nice Smoky Charcoal,Wine Red,Rouge Pink,Marble White and Beige with so many different styles and colors they're sure to wow even the most resilient dog lovers. The style and Fit is suitable for Small Dogs and Cats as well.