Dogster Back Seat Hammock - Car Seat Cover

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The Dogster Back Seat Hammock Car Seat Cover has been Intentionally made with the purpose of, protecting any vehicles back car seats. Whilst manufactured to the highest standards for Seat Protection we also made sure it had a nice finished look to it. With a two-way mesh window the Dogster allows visibility and air flow, with a waterproof polyester fabric that continues to keep seats dirt free.


  • Waterproof Polyester Fabric protects your seats and leaves them dirt free 
  • Multi Use -  Able to be used as a Hammock or as a Seat Cover  
  • Mesh window allows the use of two-way visibility to reduce the stress and weariness on your pet
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Two Storage pockets
  • Easily adjusted to fit the parameters of any car, with door covers 

Washing Directions :

1. Clean or Brush off any easy dirt with a used or unused dry brush 2. If need be you should wipe off the dirt with a wet sponge and a small amount of soap 3. For more severe messes you should, rinse in a tub without soap 4. You're able to use a washing machine, only in a front loading unit ( DO NOT use a machine with agitator, agitator could cause damage to the seat cover. ) use cold water and mild soap no detergents 5. wash and rinse completely to eliminate soap residue 6. Leave to dry hanging