Buddy's Never Wet Dog Raincoat XS - XXL

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Buddy's Never Wet  Waterproof Multi- Fit Upper Body Dog Raincoat is Innovative and Ultra-Lightweight. This Raincoat is meant to withstand the most severe Water pressure and  battle against Cold and Wind related conditions. The Exterior is Partialy Reflective and specifically meant for Breathability whilst on long or shorter trips. The Exterior reflective introduces taping around the hood and sides for added night visibility and in vulnerable cases emergency protection. This Raincoat includes an Adjustable and Comfortable strap across the waist. 


  • Features a Lightweight Comfortable Fit.

  • Features a 360 View of Reflective Lining across the exterior for easy visibility

  • Adjustable Strap by the Waist Areas for a perfect fit 

  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.