BottleDash, Support Bottle For Pets

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⭐️ At The Push Of A Button: ⭐️ You and your pet can enjoy trips walking, hiking, camping or traveling without the dull feeling of being worried if your fury buddies food & water is packed. Rather get a BottleDash, a Bottle that Efficiently Relieves your pet of fatigue. The Innovative design allows the consumption of Water or Food on the Go! Water Easily Flows into the Capsule, the BottleDash Holds 250ML of water and 200ML of food, and its so convenient use. While lightweight the durability of the BottleDash is intended to keep water Cold for 2-5 hours after filling. This is our first bottle we've produced, we've created a way to give your pet food On The Go as well. An attachment at the bottom allows storage of different snacks and treats.



  • 💦 Removable & Ready to go Capsule for water and dry food : (i) Easily screwed on and back off within seconds, Perfect for dogs of all sizes and All different personas. At the push of a button you can rehydrate your little buddy. 


  • ♻️ The recyclable build of the BottleDash : (i) Allows for liquids to remain cool for up 5 hours, there isn't need for ice nor a cooler. The bottle dash is ready to go in seconds and is easily packaged 


  • 🚗 Amazingly Made for travel etc: If you were planning on going for a morning run but your dog is back home alone why not take them wit you. Let them see and feel whats your morning is like, theres nothing better than a refreshing morning run. Now, theres no need to be worried about your dogs hydration they're covered.


  • Nylon Wrists Strap: Allows you to properly carry the BottleDash near you or put it on bike handle, backpack or your wrists 




✅ Easy to Cary: Its small, compact, and lightweight features enable you to provide enjoyable drinks everywhere for your beloved pets.

✅ Easy to Use: The spoon-shaped bottle cap and screw odd capsule enables your pet to both drink and eat comfortably. There is a simple button also to control the water flow.

✅ One-trip Capacity: This water bottle is very convenient, especially when you need to take your dogs for a walk or need to feed them on trips It has 250 ml (8.7 Oz) water capacity and  200ml (6.8 Oz) food capacity.